The Rocky Roads – Your favorite “forgotten” children show The Rocky Roads are back with all new adventures. George shits himself! Bobby’s a sprinkler and more classic moments! Check out the festival favorite claymation adventure and stay tuned for brand new episodes!

The entire Rocky Roads series is steaming on Troma Now!


Slamdance 2019
Courts Mais Trash, Brussels, Belgium 2019
Austin Micro Short Film Festival 2019
St Kilda Film Festival, St. Kilda, Australia 2019
Mondo Cult Film Variety Show, Egyptian Theater, Los Angeles, California 2019
Cinematic Panic 2018
Midwest Horror Fest 2018
Too Drunk To Watch Film Festival, Berlin Germany 2018
Halloween Baile Macabro Film Festival, Brazil 2018
The Coney Island Film Festival 2017
TromaDance 2017
The Nihilist Film Festival 2017
The Festival of Misfit Films 2017
North Portland Underground Film Festival 2017